Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More t-shirt designs

Here's some of the designs dropped off to the restaurant. If you don't see your design here, email me to make sure I received it. The scans aren't too great, but they'll give you the main idea. My scanner isn't working and I had to use John's which has a smaller window and washes out the colors. I've been getting some feedback regarding your favs. Please keep your comments coming.

Christopher Simonic

Front of shirt

Back of Shirt

Brendon Beatty

Jillian Scott & Lucas Ashby

Unknown....if this is yours...let me know

The colors are all wrong and it is completely circular...Maddie Pope

Morgan Halyama

Colors are brighter and it is completely circular...Maddie Nellis.

Karyn Pappert

Dale Pappert 1 of 2

Dale Pappert 2 of 2