Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let's Celebrate National Tequila Day Today!

National Tequila Day was Saturday but the Inn is just too packed on Saturdays. You would not have been happy with us. And, we couldn't celebrate it on Monday because we'd be in trouble with the our thirty cent hot wing and dollar taco bar crowd. So, we are celebrating National Tequila Day today and tomorrow at the Inn (that's Tuesday and Wednesday during the hours that our kitchen is open).
And, what better way to celebrate then with the a delicious pair:

Margaritas & Burritos
When you order a full or half mason jar of the most famous tequila-containing drink, the Margarita....
You'll get a free burrito.
There is one catch! 

Here is the catch: You have to give your server a tequila tidbit. A fact, a story, a joke. Keep it clean...We're a family restaurant. Those of you who attended the tequila tastings the last few years are full of tequila knowledge!  If we like your story, we may even include it here on this blog. Write it down and bring it in with your name on. We'll have slips of paper at the Inn just in case you forget! Have fun and Enjoy your Margarita and Burrito!

You can not combine this Margarita and Burrito promotion with any other special offers (no town calendar, inn crowd certificates, etc.)