Thursday, December 4, 2014

Full Pint Brewing Beer Dinner

Join us for the Franklin Inn Full  Pint Beer Dinner
on Sunday, January 25th at 4pm.

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A great Christmas Gift.  Buy your sweetie tickets to a wonderful evening.

Enjoy a delicious four course meal designed especially for this dinner. Each accompanied by a Full Pint Brewing beer. Tom Marshall will be sharing information about local Full Pint Brewing. Chris is keeping most of the information about the meals and beers under wraps for now but he did say that you'd be enjoying their flagship beer, White Lightening. And, they'll be creating a special Mango Habanero Half Firkin or a "pin" just for the Franklin Inn. Not sure what a Firkin or a Pin is?  Check out this link: 

According to Bierworks, "Both firkins and pins are loved by beer drinkers because they contain ale that has not gone through the rigors of industrial beer production (filters, pasteurization, force carbonation). As such, the ale that results can be incredibly full and flavorful, sometimes brewed with unusual ingredients. There’s yeasty activity going on there as the beer matures inside the cask. You never know what you might get."  I guess we'll get to taste and see for ourselves on the 25th.

Buy tickets to the Franklin Inn Full Pint Beer Dinner here. 

Chris and John recently toured local Full Pint Brewing for "research purposes" and were both impressed.  John says that he loved everything that was poured for him. Here are a few photos from their Full Pint Field Trip.