Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chef Nemorio's Special Fundraising Dinner

Our Head Chef, Nemorio Ramierz, asked us if we would open the Inn for a fundraising dinner for his mission trip to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas in February with the Crafton Heights UP Church (CHUP). This will be the 7th year that CHUP is sending a group of adults to serve in this region. And of course, we would love to help them raise the funds to go help others in need.

This is not a Franklin Inn event.  We are just contributing the use of our resources.  This means that our regular menu will not be available and there will be no bar service.  Our General Manger, who is also a great cook, Chris, has volunteered to help Chef Nemorio prepare the meal and the wait staff will be members of the CHUP Mission Team. Isn't that cool?  John and I are looking forward to being guests in our own restaurant!

Chef Nemorio has created a wonderful special menu for this event. See the flyer below for menu details. It looks super yummy! I can't decide if I want the Salmon or Chicken selection.  I think I'll make John order the opposite of me so we can taste each others.

To purchase tickets you must see Chef Nemorio (He's at the Inn every day except Mondays) or call Gabe Kish at 412-922-1950. Space is limited. I'm not sure how long tickets will be available so don't hesitate because I think all who are going on the mission trip are responsible for selling a certain number of tickets.  This would make a great Christmas Gift. A night out of great food and companionship that will contribute to folks helping others.  On your next visit to the Inn, ask Nemorio more about the projects they'll be completing on this trip and the folks that they'll be helping.  (Click here for a flyer you can share and read the details better than the photo below.)

Friday, September 4, 2015

Getting Ready for the Chile Pepper Festival

Update: The 5th Annual Chile Pepper Farm Festival will be held on Sunday, September 20th from 11am to 8pm. You can purchase tickets at the door but  Advance tickets are available on their website for a discount.  The Franklin Inn will be attending. Stop by our table and say hi. It's a fun family friendly event.

Warning the post below is from September 2013. See the links above for updated information:

We are excited to be participating in Reyna Foods Third Annual Chile Pepper Farm Festival this weekend. John and I attended as guests with our children last year and it was so much fun.  The food was great and will be even greater this year ;  ). They'll have hay rides, live music, demonstrations and more.  It's a beautiful farm owned by the folks of Reyna Foods. You should come check it out.
Tickets can be purchased on Reyna's website for a discount or at the gate for just $10. Kids under 12 are free and so is the parking. If you are attending the festival, stop by and say, "hi" to us. Chris, Julie, and I (Wendy) will be there. We are leaving the rest of our crew at the Inn to serve you...which means that we had to call in the reinforcements for the festival: Big Bob, aka my dad, my mom, Diane, my sister, Ammie, and my Uncle Johnny.

We will be serving Chorizo Wraps at the Chile Pepper Festival.  Earlier today, Chris and I practiced making the wraps and, as always, we have to taste-test everything.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it!

Photos of chorizo and hatch chiles being grilledFirst, we grilled some of our chorizo which is our own exclusive recipe made for us by our sausage butcher.  No nitrates or weird fillers. Just our special recipe blend of pork and spices created by John's mother, Sue, along with her butcher.  You can buy a five pound box at the Inn to use in your own recipes or just visit us at the restaurant or the festival and we'll cook it for you. We also grilled beautiful hatch chiles that Reyna's brought in from New Mexico. They have a special flavor that chile lovers will enjoy. We sliced these jewels and rolled them into a flour tortilla with rice, black beans and corn, cheese, pico de gallo, and shredded lettuce. Outstanding! You've got your protein, your sides and your veggies all rolled up so you'll be able to eat it on the go while enjoying the festivities. That's me under the blue tent getting our spot ready for the festival. Below is a flyer with full details about this event. Hope to see you soon.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ride for Ryan 2015: Washington DC

First Stop on the Ride for Ryan (Washington DC) - Wednesday, August 20th

The First Stop on the 2015 Ride for Ryan (Washington DC) is Tuesday, September 1st, at the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. Bring this voucher to the Inn (or mention it to your server) between 11am and 9pm and 20% of your bill will be donated to the Ryan Diviney Special Needs Trust. You can enjoy a nice meal and help a family in need. 

This will be the fifth bicycle ride that this dedicated group has taken to raise funds for the Diviney family and public awareness for Ryan and victims of violent crimes. The kick off before each ride has been a fundraiser at the Franklin Inn. See my past blog posts to learn more about the history of the Ride for Ryan: 

2014 Ride for Ryan: Nova Scotia
2013 Ride for Ryan: West Coast Style
2012 Ride for Ryan: East Coast Style
2011 Ride for Ryan: First Annual Ride for Ryan

And here's an article about the ride that was just published minutes ago in the Trib.

Ride organizer, John Maletta, explains this year's ride, "We'll be riding the C&O Towpath and Great Allegheny Passage trails from Washington DC to Pittsburgh. The ride will be 335 miles and will take five days to complete. The money raised this year will be pay Ryan's ongoing medical expenses."

Below is a video that Maletta's daughter made.  I think you need to be logged into Facebook to view it.

The Ride For Ryan V is scheduled for Sept 4-8. My daughter Elise created this special video to officially kick-off our fundraising effort for this year's ride. We'll be cycling 335 miles from DC to Pittsburgh to create awareness for Ryan and raise funds to pay for Ryan's medical expenses. Please watch her video to learn Ryan's story and consider sponsoring our ride this year. With your help, We Got This!
Posted by John Maletta on Sunday, July 19, 2015

We continue to remember that Ryan Diviney can not enjoy the pleasure of biking and travel for himself. Nor, a night out at a great restaurant with food and conversation shared among friends. It takes the care of loved ones to provide him with life's most basic needs. John asks you to please take a moment to read "about this horrific situation and everything that is being done to keep hope alive at Then, please consider donating to help this cause." Your donation can be made payable to the Ryan Diviney SNT (Special Needs Trust) and mailed to John Maletta at 2306 Salem Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237. All gifts large and small are most appreciated. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ryan Diviney SNT. Once again, the ride gang is financing their own way on this trip.

Join us on Tuesday, September 1st at the Franklin Inn in Franklin Park, PA for the "First Stop on the Ride For Ryan." Bring this voucher or mention the Ride for Ryan and 20% of your lunch, dinner or bar tab will be donated to the Ride For Ryan. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Inn! Thank you.