Monday, August 11, 2014

First Stop on the Ride for Ryan (Nova Scotia) - Wednesday, August 20th

The First Stop on the 2014 Ride for Ryan (Nova Scotia) is Wednesday, August 20th, at the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. Bring this voucher to the Inn (or mention it to your server) between 11am and 9pm and 20% of your bill will be donated to the Ryan Diviney Special Needs Trust. You can enjoy a nice meal and help a family in need. 

This will be the fourth bicycle ride that this dedicated group has taken to raise funds for the Diviney family and public awareness for Ryan and victims of violent crimes. The kick off before each ride has been a fundraiser at the Franklin Inn. See my past blog posts to learn more about the history of the Ride for Ryan:
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The ride gang is in the final stages of training hard for this year's Ride For Ryan. Eight riders will be conquering the 181 mile loop of rugged terrain along the coastline of the Nova Scotia maritime province. On the return trip to the states, the group will be stopping in Bar Harbor, ME to ride the Carriage Trails of Acadia National Park and complete the journey with a ride to the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Whew! I think I'd collapse! Make that....I know that I would collapse!

Under the leadership of John Maletta, this group will be leaving in less than two weeks. Lets give them a great send off on Wednesday, August 20th at the Franklin Inn.

John Maletta shares, "I am reminded of the tragic cause that the ride represents and raises funds for each year. Ryan Diviney is the son of my college roommate (Ken Diviney) in Clarion. He was brutally beaten by two strangers while he was a student at WVU. This happened over four years ago and he continues to need continual care, medications, surgeries, etc., much of which is not covered by insurance. His life, and that of his entire family, has been irreparably altered. The Diviney family's lives have been dramatically changed forever, but I cannot sit by on the sidelines and not help my friend. We've done so much good for Ryan in the past three years through the Ride For Ryan and I'm looking for your generous help again this year."

Unfortunately, Ryan Diviney can not enjoy the pleasure of biking and travel for himself. Nor, a night out at a great restaurant with food and conversation shared among friends. In fact, it takes the care of loved ones to provide him with life's most basic needs. John asks you to please take a moment to read "about this horrific situation and everything that is being done to keep hope alive at Then, please consider donating to help this cause." Your donation can be made payable to the Ryan Diviney SNT (Special Needs Trust) and mailed to John Maletta at 2306 Salem Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237. All gifts large and small are most appreciated. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Ryan Diviney SNT. The ride gang is financing their own way on this trip.

Join us on Wednesday, August 20th at the Franklin Inn in Franklin Park, PA for the "First Stop on the Ride For Ryan." Bring this voucher or mention the Ride for Ryan and 20% of your lunch, dinner or bar tab will be donated to the Ride For Ryan. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Inn! Thank you.

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