Saturday, July 14, 2012

First top on the Ride for Ryan 2012...

The First Stop before the 2012 Ride for Ryan begins is Wednesday, July 18, at the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. Bring this coupon to the Inn for lunch or dinner and 20% of your bill will be donated to the Ryan Diviney Special Needs Trust.  You can enjoy a nice meal and help a family in need.

Please refer to our blog post about this event from last year for more information about Ryan, his story and his needs:

Here is a message from John Maletta regarding this year's charity ride:
"Scot Reed, George Gardner, Joe Maletta and I have upped the ante for this year’s Ride For Ryan bicycle trip fundraiser. We are planning a 480-mile, 6-day bike ride across New York state and southern Ontario to raise funds for Ryan Diviney’s Special Needs Trust. We are spearheading this very special effort for the son of my old college roommate and I am asking you to consider helping us. More about Ryan's story can be found by visiting

This is a targeted fundraiser to purchase a new piece of therapy equipment. The machine is called the RT300 from Restorative Therapy. The final price tag is $17,500. This is a vital piece of therapy equipment and Ryan’s Special Needs Trust does not have enough money in it at this time to cover the full cost of the equipment. The International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF) is advocating this for Ryan. Ryan has experienced a couple of broken bones during routine physical therapy because his bone density has diminished over the past couple years. This device provides electrical impulses to stimulate Ryan’s muscles to actually do the work. This therapy actually builds muscles, increases bone density, gives a cardio-vascular workout, and provides electrical stimulation that has the possibility to train the brain to work with muscles and to re-learn movements."

Maybe Felix will join the Ride for Ryan again this year. Biking 480 miles is not for the faint of heart! Our admiration, thoughts and prayers go with these men. Please join us next Wednesday to help give them encouragement, moral support and a fundraising kick start! You'll enjoy a great meal and help in the effort to raise funds for a family in desperate need. If Wednesday isn't possible, you can still make a donation. Visit to make a direct donation. Thank you for your consideration. Hope to see you on Wednesday!

This was where the 2011 journey started.


After 320 miles they were still smiling!

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