Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jalapeño PopCorn Recipe

Many of you have requested the recipe for our Jalapeño PopCorn. John was inspired to create it years ago when a customer raved about a pepper popcorn that he had eaten at a bowling alley. John thought to himself, "with all the fresh ingredients we have around here, we should be able to make a kick-butt spicy popcorn." Karen took over and perfected John's original recipe. I've been trying to get the details from John or Karen on how we make the Jalapeño Popcorn. Both of them give me slightly different versions (John uses fresh garlic and Karen uses garlic powder).

* Vegetable Oil (amount per instructions on popcorn you use)
* Fresh Garlic thinly diced or garlic powder (if using garlic powder add at end in bowl)
* Jalapeno thinly sliced and diced (Again to taste-Karen uses about a tablespoon per half cup of kernels).
Leave a few thin round slices to impress a guest. Looks pretty but be careful about eating it unless you like it hot.
* A Good Quality Pop Corn
* Butter
* Garlic Powder and Salt to taste

Heat the oil in a large deep pot.  If using fresh garlic add now along with diced jalapeño and popcorn kernels.  Mix and sauté until all the flavors are infused in the oil and kernels are well coated.  Kernels should start to pop. Be mindful of the directions on the brand you use. Move the cooked popcorn to a large serving bowl.  If you are using garlic powder like Karen, add it now along with salt and melted butter to taste. Heck...I love garlic so I vote for both fresh and powder in mine!

There you have it: spicy and tasty Jalapeno popcorn. We've been serving it up at the Inn for over a decade to rave reviews. Let me know if you attempt it. Or, just join us for Jalapeño PopCorn Happy Hour in our bar on Wednesdays. You can also use a Jalapeño Salt Topping, but trust me you won't get the same rich deep flavor as using the real stuff.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Fried Ice Cream for Doing a Good Deed?

The Third Annual Race for Joe takes place a couple blocks south of the Franklin Inn (the neighborhood where John grew up) on Saturday, April 23rd.  It's a memorial 5k run/walk in memory of a local young man, Joe Guzzetti. All proceeds will benefit scholarships for graduates of North Allegheny High School.

John, the kids, and I will be participating. And, we thought we'd sweeten the deal if you would like to join us for this event.  Do a good deed, get a little exercise, brush off the winter blues, hang out with others in our community, and get a free fried ice cream.

That's right, a free fried ice cream.  One of our most popular desserts.  Join us for lunch at the Inn after the walk and we'll treat you to a free fried ice cream. Just show your server proof of participation. There will be a coupon in your runner's goodie bag. Visit our website for the full details and rules here:

To register for the Walk for Joe visit their website. If you register before April 10, you will be guaranteed a t-shirt and a reduced entrance fee. The website is

And, by the way, I will be walking not running...but knock yourself out and I'll see you for lunch and fried ice cream at the Inn!

Race for Joe
Saturday, April 23, 2011