Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to the Franklin Inn Blog

This is a blog for patrons of the Franklin Inn Mexican Restaurant. A great group of people who enjoy fresh-made Mexican food served in a fun and casual atmosphere. Thank you allowing us to serve you for close to 30 years.


Beneath The Wings Travel said...

I really love your website and Mexican food is really good.
God bless and best wishes.

Donna "SoulSis" said...

Wendy your blog looks great! Thanks for your comments about our class. I can't wait to come to the Inn for some real Mexican food.


art.hazimanolis.b said...

I've been going to the Franklin Inn for 16 years, the food is always the best. My favorite...Shredded Beef Buritto.

Bartenders Dolly and Dave are "top notch" individuals. Thanks!!!

Art Hazimanolis