Thursday, May 28, 2009

The t-shirt designs are coming in....

Here are some of the designs submitted for the InnCredible T-shirt Contest (in no particular order....just how I grabbed and uploaded them). Hard copy submissions aren't included here yet. I'm hoping I have time to scan them and add them this week (lol!). If you emailed me a design and it is not below....I didn't receive it. If you dropped one off at the Inn or mailed it to me via snail mail and want to be sure I received it, feel free to ask me at I'll confirm your entry via email. You still have time to submit your own design. Details are on the website.

Which is your favorite design so far? Let me know.
Matt Lorenz 1 of 2

Matt Lorenz 2 of 2

Keith J. Schmiedlin

Michael Ross

Jamie McCullough

Christian Ghirardi

Jacqueline R. Dully

Lauren Kachinko

Lucinda Weibe

Amy Peters

Pam & Dominick Toth


Natalie said...

Jackie's fiesta shirts seems to be pretty cool! very bright and colorful.

Franklin Inn Mexican Retaurant said...

Thanks for your input Natalie. This is going to be a tough decision.

Anonymous said...

They are all great designs and all could represent The Franklin Inn! My favorite would also have to be Jacqueline's design because it's very festive and colorful!

Anonymous said...

So far, I like the McCullough one with the graphics on the bottom.

Anonymous said...

i think jacquelines is the best all around because it uses alot of festive colors and is not to commericial... its not something u see everyday, very original. my choice is hers hands down!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that Amy's is the best! Not too busy, creative, and will look good on any color shirt on a boy or girl. Definitely voting Amy on this one!!

Custom T Shirt Design said...

Wow! These t-shirt designs are excellent and Very funny. I need to order some these :)

Kim said...

This is my favorite of your t-shirt creations! Gorgeous!!!! i like it!!! :)

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