Friday, September 9, 2011

When was your last visit to the library?

Bread for Books Program
Tuesdays this Month at the Inn to Benefit
Northland Public Library.

"It was from my own early experience that I decided there was no use to which money could be applied so productive of good to girls and boys who have good within them and ability and ambition to develop it as the founding of a public library." - Andrew Carnegie

Last night Grace asked if I would drive her to school early. I was shocked. She loves riding the bus with her friends and she sleeps through the alarm that wakes the rest of us up. "Why early?" My new middle schooler explained that the IMS Library opens at 7:30 am but the bus doesn't get her to school in time to take advantage of it. With coffee in hand and hoping no one would notice that I was still in my pjs, I dropped her off this morning "early" before school. She was delighted at this new school freedom to visit the library on her own. 

This little event reminded me of how much all my children love the library and how important the library is to us. I have loved the library from my youth to motherhood for my own personal fact and fiction seeking adventures and for those of my children. My first paycheck even came from a library where I worked as a page. I guess that is why I was so excited when Traci (she's on the Foundation Board) approached me to be a restaurant for Northland Library's Bread for Books Program. I enthusiastically agreed to participate in Bread for Books. 

I know what the library has meant to me and my family. What about you? I'm sure you have your own memories and ways that you've utilized this valuable resource: maybe for a job search; perhaps you joined a book club; borrowed a classic; watched travel films; attended a seminar; helped your children with homework; checked your email; met a friend; etc. The library offers so much. 

You'll probably be visiting the Inn this week (or you wouldn't be bothering with this blog). Why not come on Tuesday and support the Northland Public Library too. Tuesdays this month 20% of your sales will go to benefit Northland Public Library. Visit this link for more info and for their coupon [Editor's note: link updated for June 2013]which you need to present to your server on Tuesday.

Thank you in advance for your support of this community treasure.

Update:  We are again participating in this program.  This time Tuesdays in June.

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