Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here's how we make Diablo Rellenos

I happened to have my trusty iphone handy today while Karen was prepping the Diablo Rellenos for tonight's dinner special.  She put up with me taking a few photos as long as I promised to only show her hands (and not even her full about camera-shy!)

This dish, Diablo Rellenos, is one of our best selling weekend specials. The demand is so high that we often sell out. We are probably going to add them to the menu full time. The more traditional deep-fried version, Chile Rellenos, is available on our dinner menu and a great option for our vegetarian friends.

Below are our lovely green poblano peppers. Poblanos are usually mild. The red ones are a lot hotter than the green ones. Occasionally and unexpectedly you may experience a hot green poblano. When dried, they are referred to as an Ancho Chile.  The heat rating of a green poblano is mild and the Scoville rating is 1,000-1,500.

Karen hand roasts these peppers and then peels them to remove the waxy skin. It takes a while to do this but it improves the texture. Our green beauties from above look ugly at this point but looks are deceiving!
Here is the stuffing the Karen prepared to go into the roasted poblanos. Some of the ingredients include chorizo, onions, potatoes and pepper jack cheese. The meat and veggies are fully cooked prior to stuffing.
Karen generously fills each roasted poblano. Those are Karen's hands!

These guys are ready for you to order. They are fully cooked. Right about now, Phil and Steve are topping them with melted Jack Cheese and our also homemade salsa and serving them over rice.  I was unable to get a pretty photo of the finished dish.  I'll try again later. They don't photograph too well but boy do they taste good.  We will be serving these now through Cinco de Mayo.  They do sell out each night but Karen will be roasting more poblanos and making more for you in the morning.  It takes a lot of time to hand roast and peel these poblanos for you but, we think you are worth it. Enjoy! And, let us know what you think.

Update:  I wasn't able to get a "pretty" picture of the finished product.  I'm not a photographer. But, John managed to snap a pretty good one last night. Once I cut the background out, it doesn't look so bad.  The taste, however, is more than is gorgeous...a knock out!

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Hi! I was wondering if you could tell me the ingredients in your chorizo. Thanks.