Monday, April 28, 2014

Yards Beer Dinner

Join us for the Franklin Inn Yards Beer Dinner on Sunday, June 1st.

Our first beer dinner was a huge success and we've been asked over and over, "When is the next beer dinner?" it is...

Yards Beer Dinner

Join us for a delicious four course meal with beer pairings. Chris is researching and preparing a menu to out do the last one (if you can believe that!) and you'll get to try at least five different types of Yards Beers. One of them will be a hard to get special edition beer. We will be joined by a rep from Yards who will explain each beer with us and share really interesting stories about the various recipes. You'll be surprised to learn how the founding fathers were among Yard's inspirations.

Space is limited and our last beer dinner sold out in less than a month, so don't drag your feet or you may lose your seat. To register, visit our website

Here's what the attendees of our last beer dinner wrote on the event's comment cards:

"Great event....we love beer and love it more now! Food was outstanding...Very good!!!"

"It was all great."

"Casual fun!"

"The whole evening was great."

"Thank you for a wonderful event. Love the Franklin Inn."

"Everything was awesome! John and Chris did a fabulous job! Hope you have another one."

"Great variety of foods and beer flavors. Amazing. I had a great time. Thank you."

"This was a perfect event. Thank you."

"Food was amazing."

"Lovely evening."

"Overall great beer experience."

"Loved all of it."

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