Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are Tomatillos?

Tomatillo - pronounced [toh-MAH-tee-YO] is a relative of the tomato and member of the nightshade (Solanaceae) family. Although they are often called green tomatoes, they are not the same thing as tomatoes. They are related to tomatoes but a different genus. Tomatillos were first cultivated by the Aztecs. The name "tomatillo" comes from the Aztec "miltomatl," which means "round and plump with paper." (The Aztecs called tomatoes "xitomatl.") Tomatillos are also called husk tomatoes and Mexican tomatoes. In Mexico the fruit is called tomates verdes, tomates de cascara as well as fresadillas. The tomatillo is used when it is still green and is an essential ingredient in salsa verde.It provides that tart flavor in many of the Mexican green sauces you enjoy.

If you'd like to give tomatillos a try, let me know how your recipe turns out. You can
also enjoy tomatillos at the Franklin Inn. You'll find them in our green salsa which is great for dipping with chips and atop our chimichangas. The Colorado Green Chile Enchiladas and Grilled Chicken & Green Chile Quesadilla also include this great little Mexican fruit. Ask your server for a side of the green salsa to enjoy with any of your Franklin Inn Favorites.

For a limited time this weekend the Franklin Inn is featuring our Chicken Enchiladas with Green Tomatillo Sauce. A creamy sauce blending green tomatillos, a little onion, diced green chiles, and cilantro over our fabulous chicken enchiladas. A classic favorite among Inn patrons.

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Anonymous said...

I had never heard of the Franklin Inn, until last summer when friends of ours suggested meeting for dinner there one night. The description they gave us of great Mexican food and drinking from a mason jar seemed quite unusual to us. We gave it a try and REALLY enjoyed everything from the great service to the great food and yes...even the drink in a mason jar. We have been there several times since with our family.