Friday, January 13, 2012

Next Stop.....Railbender Ale...All Aboard! really like the Dale's Pale Ale. We sold out of that one in record time! Don't worry. We'll try to get it back asap. In the interim, we're chugging down the the specialty and craft beer path. Next stop: Erie Brewing Company's flagship beer, Railbender Ale. This multi-award winning Scottish Ale features "a deep malt flavor, caramel sweetness lingering in a soft hop flavor." It is considered a Dark Amber. 

According to the the company, Erie, Pennsylvania was an important railroad hub in the mid–nineteenth century because the city was the site where three sets of track gauges met. Railbender Ale is named after the laborers who laid the railroad tracks. Railbender is brewed with the "pride, strength and purity symbolic of Erie’s historic railroad’s and railroad workers." The company also says that Railbender's "smooth malt flavor and astonishing drinkability will have you Hopping on the train and riding off the rails. All Aboard!"

Here's those stats you all love:
Style: Scottish Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 6.8%
Degree's Plato: 16.5
Hop Bitterness IBU's: 26

Some Awards: 
2008 Bronze Award Winner
Scottish Ale - The Great American Beer Festival (Denver, Colorado)

2009 Gold Award Winner Scottish Ale - The Great American Beer Festival (Denver, Colorado)

Among the food pairings that Erie Brewing Company suggests with Railbender are roasted meats or sausages. Try a Chorizo burrito made with our homemade Mexican Hot Sausage or Shredded Beef Enchiladas which feature our delicious slow cooked beef. Our weekend special Carne Picante offers delicious tender chucks of chuck roast. Other reviewers suggest grilled meats. Go for our chicken and steak fajitas or a char-grilled Mexican Burger.

Most reviewers agree that this is a pleasant, smooth, and drinkable beer. Stop over at the Franklin Inn and give it try. Let us know what you think of this one and how you rate it among the others we've featured recently.

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