Friday, April 6, 2012

John & Karen Make Crab Cakes

I love my little iphone! I was able to sneak a few photographs of John and "Camera-shy" Karen creating this weekend's tasty Fiesta Crab Cakes.  Here's how we make our crab cakes.....

Some fresh herbs, spices and veggies all chopped and ready to go. Don't worry. We didn't use all that fresh chopped garlic in your crab cake.

  John "massaging" the lump crab...

 while Karen mixes the wet ingredients.
John incorporates his crab with Karen's ingredients 
John makes a cake (left photo). Karen makes a cake too (right).

 John is impressed by Karen's crab cake, so he leaves the rest to her and takes a break. Shouldn't he be making ice cream?
Karen weighs the crab cakes to make sure they are 4 oz. each. Aren't they pretty? She makes the Red Chile Sauce too!
 She passes the crab cakes along with the plantains and asparagus to Phil and his crew. Who will cook them to perfection for you!

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Anonymous said...

I hope not it kills the taste of the crab.