Friday, May 3, 2013

How we made our Seven Fruit Fiesta Sangria

Or,  Adventures in Sangria Making

Our general manager, Chris Ribarchak (CCR1) decided to create a new sangria recipe in celebration of Cinco De Mayo this weekend.  With the help of his apprentice (CCR2), Chris produced a delicious Seven Fruit Fiesta Sangria.  Here's a peak behind the scenes.

1. A shopping trip to the Strip was planned a few days in advance on a beautiful morning. 

2.  Each piece of fruit was carefully inspected for quality.

3. Once the fruit passed quality control and the CCRs were satisfied, the fruit purchases were finalized.

4. Picking fruit and walking around the Strip was hard work. A donut break was in order.

5.  CCR1 got his work space ready...

6. Alas, CCR2 isn't allowed to play with knives, he had to visit Aunt Wendy for the next step.

7. While CCR1 did a lot of chopping...

8. CCR2 had some important work of his own to do along with cousin, Julia. Franklin Inn kids are "cheap" labor.

9. Then, it was time to return to the Inn to finish paper work and check on CCR1's progress

10. The Sangria was looking good! Now it needs to rest until Friday.

Yahoo! It is Friday! Come and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It is tasty!

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