Friday, July 25, 2008

Tequila Tasting was Terrific

Now we all know why Franklin Inn's Margaritas are the best North of the Border. Thank you to all who attended our Tequila tasting last night. Attendance was better than expected for 9pm on a week night. I hope everyone made it to work on time.

A special thank you to Charlie Cherico, our Sauza rep, from Southern Wines. He presented a great educational talk on tequila. We appreciate his time spent at the Franklin Inn and the awesome goodie bags and t-shirts he gave to our customers at the Tasting.

The Tequila Tasting was part of our weekend long celebration of National Tequila Day. Our staff and patrons have already been giving us ideas for the next event. Thank you to Charlie and Denise for sharing the pictures below. I still can't find my camera!

Photos above: Charlie presenting information on tequila; Patty, John and Franklin Inn Patrons "tasting." Photos Below: Wait, I think that one is staged...Denise is that a Diet Pepsi on the table that you forgot to crop out?;Wendy and John having a rare moment out late together with out the children.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent tequila tasting. Had a great time! Linda & Gerry

Franklin Inn Mexican Retaurant said...

Thank you. We're glad you were able to attend. We had a good time too and hope to host more events like this in the future.